Our Story

   On December 23, 1889, a group of Lutherans met in Melrose to worship and organize a church.  In 1890 it became an official congregation and in 1897 joined the LCMS.

   In 1900 a piece of land was bought on the corner of Third St. South and First Ave. East and the church was moved to this location.

   God kept His church going during difficult times, like in 1931 when worship services were discontinued for several months.  Or in the early 1960’s when the church almost closed.

   The Minnesota North District realized the potential in Melrose and in 1964 helped St. Paul’s to buy the current property and build the parsonage.  In 1980 the current church building was dedicated to serve the growing congregation.

   As God worked through His people, the church continued to grow and in 1998 completed the addition of the sanctuary and remodeling of the church.

Fast forward to 2022.

St. Paul's celebrated its 132nd anniversary. God has kept us as a congregation gathered around Word and Sacrament. We preach the same thing now that we did back then, Jesus Christ crucified and risen again.